Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Stay at Home Mom Looking For Work - Home Based Jobs

Being a stay at home mom used to mean just that: the mom stayed at home and looked after the family. The traditional set up of having one breadwinner and one homemaker is no more than a fantasy for the majority of families; nowadays, the average family cannot survive on one income. The stay at home mom looking for work is not doing so because she needs an interest to keep her occupied at home; she is looking for work because the family needs the extra money for ordinary everyday living costs.

There are many advantages for mothers who work at home. The obvious advantage is being at home to take care of the children. Some others are:

Fewer expenses. Working at home means mothers don't have to pay childcare fees, save money formerly spent on commuting and save money on clothes because they don't need a "work wardrobe".

Shorter hours. Having a home based job means there will be no time wasted on getting dressed up for work, and commuting there and back every day.

Some women are able to reach an agreement with their employer to adapt an existing job, so that it can be done from home. This sort of arrangement is ideally suitable for all sorts of virtual assistance posts.

Mothers working at home for an existing employer have the extra advantages bestowed by continuity. A mother with a new baby has enough to do without having the added task of looking for work. Turning existing employment into a home based job means there will be little or no retraining required in order to carry on working.

Adapting a job with an existing employer into a work at home job is the ideal solution for moms who want to work at home. Unfortunately, not all jobs are suitable for transfer to a home based environment and some employers are not prepared to negotiate an arrangement to accommodate their employee.

An enterprising mom who is looking for work will click the following link and find there are many opportunities to work at home, and starting a home based business is one option.

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