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Top Ten Work From Home Jobs

Number 1:
Ad Cash System


Here, you will learn how to make money by submitting various ad forms online. Firstly, let's talk about how the whole system works.

*Note: This is NOT a data entry program. If you are looking for real home typist and data entry jobs please check our Real Home Jobs section.

You will be setting up an account at Clickbank which is a network that comprises of over 11,000 websites selling digital products. Each of these websites pays commissions to people who promote their products (also known as affiliates). As an affiliate, you will earn a commission whenever someone purchases a product through your unique web link (also known as a hoplink). Affiliate commissions range from 5% to as high as 75%. What you will be doing is typing ads at advertising websites across the web, and when users click your ad and purchase the product, you are credited with the commission.

You must note that you are NOT required to spend money to make money but some of our most recommended methods require some type of spending, such as 5c per click, etc. It is really your choice. The paid methods usually have more immediate results. We will provide you with a complete step-by-step guide so there is no need to feel lost. And best of all, you may contact customer support at anytime if you have any questions.

About Clickbank

Clickbank is an established company which handles credit card payments. Their main area of business is allowing creators and owners of digital products to accept payments from users and allow thousands of affiliates to promote these digital products. Clickbank handles all payments, commissions and transactions and sends a check every two weeks to affiliates and publishers. Clickbank is free to join and is available in over 100 countries around the world. With one Clickbank account you are able to promote all 11,000 products. Don't worry about which companies to choose, it is quite easy to choose the top performing products to make you the most money and we will show you how.

Don't get intimidated at the thought of being an advertiser or affiliate. It is really very easy and is by far one of the easiest ways to make money online. Remember, you do NOT need a website to use this program. Don't give up too easily as once you start making the money your efforts will definitely pay off.

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Section 1: Clickbank Setup

Section 2: Finding Products

Section 3: Submitting Free Ads

Section 4: Submitting Paid Ads

Video Tutorials

Number 2:
Real Home Jobs

Here we provide you with real online jobs where you can get paid by the hour. All of these companies are legitimate business looking to hire individuals to work from home for them.

Some of these may be communities where people offer money to complete specific projects. Remember, it can take time to truly find the right telecommuting job for you. Just keep looking for something you are interested in, and you should be able to successfully work out of your own home. None of these jobs require a fee to get started. If you find one that does, please notify us.

Permanent Job Listings

Data Entry/Transcriptionist Jobs

Editors/Translators/Writers Jobs

Agents/Customer Service Jobs

Assistant/Researchers/Virtual Office Jobs

Sales/Marketing Jobs

List of 100s of Jobs

For even more no-fee work at home jobs, visit:

Important: Some of the sites below may also have ads (you will see Ads By Google below them) which show opportunities that require a fee. You may simply ignore these opportunities and concentrate on the FREE employment. DO NOT pay to join any of these sites.

Genuine Jobs
Rat Race Rebellion
Work At Home Careers
Money Making Mommy
Best Jobs USA
Freelance Home Jobs
CraigsList Work At Home Jobs
Jobvertise Telecommuting Jobs
Number 3:
Get Paid To Take Surveys


It may sound too good to be true, but everyday, millions of people around the world get paid to give their opinions on various products. Individuals get paid in cash, prizes and merchandise by market research companies.

You already have an opinion about a lot of the products that you use in your everyday life. Maybe you love the convenience of your new razor or maybe you really hate that new TV show. You may tell a friend how bad a certain movie was and not to watch it. On the other hand, you can't stop recommending a great new wine that you tried at dinner. Everyday, it's easy to identify dozens and dozens of opinions and preferences you hold. Well, why not get paid for them! Yes, it's possible. Here is a little known fact: Corporate America is dying to know what you think about their products. Why? Because if they make a mistake and offer consumers a product or a service that people don't like, don't want, or won't pay money for, they could lose millions of dollars. So what's the solution? They spend money initially to test their products before releasing them to market. They get regular people like you and me to fill out surveys and answer questions about their new products.

Corporations spend millions of dollars every year to find out what people like and dislike about thousands of products. From movies to soft drinks to toys, you name it, if you see any product in a retail store, chances are the company that makes it has carried out market research first. These corporations pay market research companies to carry out the surveys for them. Users sign up to these market research companies and are paid to give their opinions. In our database we provide a listing with hundreds of these companies for you to sign up to.

These sites will pay you to give your opinion on several products. This may include online surveys, phone surveys, focus groups, chat sessions and more. Some sites will offer you the chance to win prizes and money just for joining. A few of the sites don't offer cash compensation but will send you surveys from their partners that do. Some opportunities may only be available regionally. It may take a short while to start receiving invitations, as a result of them updating their database. Also, keep in mind that many sites send you a confirmation e-mail once you join. You must check your e-mail and follow the instructions in order to begin participation. Also, some sites may require you to complete a "screener survey" once you join, just to create your profile. These are necessary so they know which opportunities you would be best matched with.

Getting Started

Step #1: Set Up a Dedicated Email Address
Once you get started and have registered with lots of companies, you will start getting A LOT of survey offers in your email and you definitely don't want to miss any of those. You also want to be able easily manage all of that incoming mail and separate it from your everyday mailbox. For this reason, we highly recommend setting up a separate email address to be used for everything related to your paid surveys. Be sure to check it often.

Your Internet Service Provider (AOL, Earthlink, Comcast, etc.) should be able to provide you with an additional email address - usually at no charge. You may also want to set-up a free email address at Yahoo which we recommend the most.

Step #2: Download RoboForm
One of the overwhelming parts about making money with all of these websites is the initial registration. There's no way around it - you have to register with the companies you're interested in. This process can be fairly time-consuming when you take into consideration the large number of sites we have listed. There is software, however, to make this process a lot easier.

It is called RoboForm. Roboform is a FREE software program that will significantly reduce the time it takes you to fill out forms, register with websites, and even fill out some other forms like surveys. It will remember all of the user names and passwords that you create. All of our members that are serious about making money and saving time use RoboForm. It makes things much easier, and it does so without installing any spyware on your system like Gator and some of the other programs. Just click the "Download Roboform" link below, then select "Save" to save the file to your desktop. Once you have downloaded the file just double-click it to install this great program.

Note: After using RoboForm for awhile you may be encouraged to upgrade to the "Pro" version which has a few extra features and costs about $30. This is NOT necessary. The free version has all of the features that you need for filling out forms.

Download Roboform

Step #3: Develop A Strategy
It would be nice if you could just sign up to 20 websites and start making good money, but this is not so. You will have to register with a good number of sites to really start making a nice recurring income. This will take a little patience and organization, but it will be well worth it when you see the end results.

Spend a couple of days just going through and signing up for as many websites as you can. Do a certain amount of sites whenever you have the time. Don't forget to keep track of the sites that you register with. Keep a list, or a spreadsheet if you can. This is also helpful when keeping track of the money and rewards that all of the companies send you. Now, time to start making some money!

Click here to access our database (A-L)

Click here to access our database (M-Z)

Click here to access our Australian database

Click here for a *very* useful paid survey guide!

Number 4:
Get Paid To Shop


Getting paid to shop can be a very fun experience and is so easy you wouldn't believe it. It's a dream job for many! It can be great to go shopping at popular stores and dining in nice restaurants...and getting paid for it all! You will most likely find secret shopping as something you love to do. Do you have a keen eye, attention to detail, and the ability to be impartial and reliable? mystery shopping may just be the right job for you!

Now, let's discuss more of what mystery shopping is and how you too can soon become one.

A mystery shopper is like an undercover agent. You might accept assignments for restaurants, grocery stores, automobile dealers, retail stores, or amusement parks. Just about any type of business you can think of could benefit from the services of a mystery shopper. You receive a specific assignment for your shop. For example, you may be asked to describe the parking facilities, cleanliness, friendliness of staff, and your wait time at a restaurant.

Whenever you are on an assignment you must never be detected. The staff should not suspect that you evaluating them or they would treat you differently. You are not suppose to spy on employees,
or try to find things wrong or right but simply follow the script that comes with your assignment and provide a fair and impartial evaluation.

You are the one who will be keeping the corporate headquarters informed and they need you to maintain yourself in a professional and appropriate manner. For a business to be successful, they must maintain customer satisfaction. They can better please the customer if they understand how the customer is being treated and if their product is being sold as they intended.

You will have the benefit of working around your schedule, which can be beneficial for a housewife, mother or part time worker. Some places may want you to go to their establishment only during certain hours, i.e. happy hour, early bird specials, moonlight madness sales, etc. You may be able to request certain hours of the day that are best for you, such as early mornings for mom’s with small children in preschool or late afternoons-early evenings for those who already hold down a part time job.

Getting Started

There are many companies which hire mystery shoppers. You can apply online to most of these companies. Make sure you visit and read the message boards to keep up to date on new assignments in your area. These message boards have hundreds of assignments posted all the time.

Mystery shopping is big business, so don't just apply to those companies located in your area. Most mystery shopping companies are nationwide. Their clients and stores are nationwide. Just because a company has its offices in New York does not mean you can not work for them because you live in Texas. These Mystery Shopping companies contract with retail and restaurant chains. These chains are located Nationwide, therefore they need shoppers nationwide.

Never feel pressured into a job. It will not be held against you if you are unable or unwilling to take a particular assignment. Some things will just not appeal to you. Sometimes the job will just not fit into your schedule or may not be something you are comfortable with. If that happens to you, just be honest with the company and be sure to decline the particular assignment. This allows the company to find someone else. Companies are not concerned if you decline assignments as long as you do it promptly. If you do not decline promptly you will probably not be sent many assignments after that. All it takes is a quick email saying you can not complete this assignment.

Completing an Assignment

Many mystery shopping companies operate almost entirely over the internet now. You will most likely receive your assignment notices via email. It is important to apply with an email address you use often as you may need to respond within 24 to 48 hours to be accepted for an assignment. If you set up a dedicated address for your assignments be sure to check it regularly and it's best that it is separated from any 'busy' inbox such as one receiving a lot of spam or other types of offers. You may also be notified through fax or phone.

You will be given the particulars of the assignment and you will have the opportunity to accept or decline. If you accept, you will download or receive via mail or fax, the scenario that is to be
used for your evaluation.

For example, you may be asked to go to a retail outlet and ask the salesperson for help on locating an item or to evaluate service in a restaurant. You will be given a form with specific instructions before you shop. You will be told who to speak to and all areas that are to be included in your evaluation.

Your instructions may include: Looking at the displays to see if they are kept neat and well put together, asking the sales clerk for information about a certain item, and how they could assist you in getting a certain size not readily available. They may ask you to try on several items and check the dressing rooms for neatness.

Does the sales clerk offer to assist you with additional sizes? Are the shelves well stocked and neat in appearance? Was the sales clerk helpful? They will want you to actually purchase something they suggest or of your choice and will want you to observe the actual transaction and note how easily or difficult it was performed.

They may also ask you to question the sales clerk on several different items. What was his/her response? They may ask you to visit the restrooms and make sure they are clean and well stocked. Use a public telephone and comment on its accessibility.

Study your scenario before you begin the shop, because you can't take your notes with you. Remember you must remain undetected! Do your best to remember names and pertinent details, and as soon as you get to your car you can quickly jot down important notes.

You will usually be given a deadline of between of 24 to 48 hours. Be punctual! This could determine whether you will get any future assignments with this company. Most likely you will be able to file your report online or fax it in. Simply follow the instructions you were given.

It is very important that you be as accurate as possible, giving only the facts requested. If your assignment was to evaluate cleanliness at an establishment, don't make comments about the staff either good or bad. Don't interject personal thoughts of your experience unless asked.

Apply to as many companies as you like. That way you can pick and choose assignments that you like. If you have 10 offers one week you might only like or be able to perform 5 or 6. If you only work for one or two companies it will be much harder to be as picky about assignments or find ones that pay enough or are at stores or locations you prefer.

That's it! You are now ready to become a full fledged mystery shopper. Just continue to our database below and start signing up!

Click here to access our database

Number 5:

Get Paid To Drive

These websites and companies will either pay you to drive your car or offer you a free car. Some companies will even reimburse you for the money you spend on gas. Most of these opportunities are available regionally. You must check with each site to see if there are any available opportunities in your area.


AdsSmart Outdoor
Ad Wraps
Ads on Cars
Ads to Go
Auto Boards (UK)
Auto Car Wraps
Auto Murals
Auto Wrap
Auto Wrapped
Driving Promotions
Free Car
Wrap Car
Number 6:
Get Paid To Read Emails and Surf

These websites will pay you to receive e-mails, click on links to visit websites, and search the web. A lot of these sites offer you a bonus just for signing up, and allow you to make money on other people that you refer. Some even pay you for the referrals that your referrals make, on several levels. These sites offer the greatest opportunity for recurring income. Keep in mind that many sites send you a confirmation e-mail once you join. You must check your e-mail and follow the instructions in order to begin to participate. We also recommend using a separate email address for these offers alone.

Ad Paid
All Community
Amazing Solution
Apple Mails
Avail Mail
Barnyard Frenzy
Beezy Clickin
Betty Bucks
Bounty Center
Can I Join?
Cash 4 Action
Cash Crusaders
Cash Delight
Cash Desks
Cash Money Email
Class Act Clicks
Clicking 2 Rewards
Coffee Club Emails
Crab Mails
Derby Dollars
Dollar For Action
Dollars By Email
Dollars By Email
E Mail Pays U
Earning Force
Email Traffic Kingdom
EmailCash Australia
Gain Mail
Gain Pay
Genuine Cash
Get Paid For Stuff
Heavenly Email
Inbox Dollars
It Pays to Learn
KBC Mail
Key Email
Key Email
Mail For Cash
Matrix Mails
My Cash Mail
Nitro Clicks
One Dollar Email
Onyx Mail
Paid Email
Paid Mails
Paid Mails
Pro Paid Email
ProPaid Emails
PTR Mails
Pure Profile
Read Them Well
Resource a Day
Surf Bounty
Targeted Lists
TLC Email
Unique Rewards
Winter Wonderland Mail
World Wide Cash
Wow Earnings
X-Ray Cash
YoYo Mail
Number 7:
Get Paid To Complete Offers

These websites pay you to complete simple offers, mostly free signups and free trials. You will be compensated for each offer that you complete. These sites offer a quick way to receive cash. Keep in mind that many sites send you a confirmation e-mail once you join. You must check your e-mail and follow the instructions in order to begin to participate.

Name Payment Method
Cash Content cash
Cash Cow 4 Me cash, paypal
Cash IC cash
Cashster cash
Clixies cash, egold
DineOutFreeToday restaurant gift certificates
Earning Force cash
Free Movie Tickets free dvds, movie tickets, movie rentals
FreePhoneCard free 5 minute phone cards
Gozing Cash cash
Income Pad cash
ItPaysToLearn cash
Max Moolah cash, paypal
MyPoints points redeemable for items
Ovarus cash
PhoneHog free long distance
SaveAtThePump free gas
SearchCactus cash
Spedia cash, points, gift certificates
Surf Bounty cash
UniqPaid cash, paypal, egold
Useleads cash
WowEarnings cash
YourGiftCards gift cards
Zwallet cash

Number 8:

Get Paid To Watch TV

While it may sound like a gimmick, there are very real possibilities to generate dollars-if you are willing to give it a try! It's not necessarily easy work. There's a lot of effort required to get your operation up and running. But dedication to the task and motivation towards the end goal of being in business for yourself should provide substantial impetus for you to launch this project.

It often comes down to using time wisely and if you like to watch television, why not look for ways to do what you enjoy and make a few dollars at the same time! There are numerous chances in this world to work in a field you enjoy - and be successful at it! All it takes is a bit of determination, being well-organized and believing in yourself.

All you have to do is determine how many hours you want to work at your new "side" business to start and plan accordingly. Don't try and overdo. Simply work hard and smart in the few hours you've allotted. This way you can test it out, see if the business has the kind of potential you believe. If it does, you can gradually work more hours in it until your income is well past what you made before. The difference is, now you're doing something you love.

So, start believing in yourself and read on. A Chance to make money while watching television awaits.


Television pounced upon the scene during one of the worst economic periods in US history--the Great Depression. As a result, T.V.'s introduction to a potential viewing public went largely unnoticed. People had more than enough to do trying to provide for their families.

Despite that timing, a few people had a chance to view the future. That's exactly what they thought TV was, but even they could not have dreamed of the successful industry television has become. With the advent of cable television, there are dozens of stations now competing for the viewer and showing an extraordinary range of programming from week to week.

Early on, there was only one station. NBC (The National Broadcasting Company) was the first to broadcast programs a few hours a week on the television set. It's hard to imagine TV today on such a limited basis, but every industry has to start somewhere. Within a couple of years, there were a number of stations joining NBC and programming was expanded.

World War II provided a minor interruption to service since the government had to place a restriction on broadcasting. But this only had the industry working hard behind the scenes, ready for the day when the moratorium was lifted. After the war ended in 1945, the restrictions were repealed and the dawn of a new media era was beginning.

Television flourished in the fifties and new programming was the rage of the industry. Each year many of us looked forward to the introduction of new shows to watch along with our favorites, held over from the previous programming year. Family gatherings around the TV set were common as more and more households obtained one.

Today, nearly 100 million households have a television set or two, not to mention a video cassette recorder (VCR), all to keep up with the latest offerings from a seemingly infinite number of channels. Satellite dishes have expanded viewing capability well past our normal limits.

What does this mean to you? Simply put, here are your dollar-making opportunities. The television industry is so large, yet it is experiencing its most dramatic growth ever, thanks to the expanding cable television market. With growth come needs; needs you could fulfill. If you watch TV a lot, and enjoy it, this chance is for you.

These opportunities are unlimited and it doesn't matter where you reside or how far you progressed in school. No matter where you live, there is a cable television company with the ability to hook a television up to its service. Cable is ready, willing and expanding and its profits show it. The government has recently focused on this industry simply because of the outrageous amounts of money it seems to be making. With cable advertising income closing in on the $4 billion dollar mark, this is an industry that hides no longer.

In fact, it has been shown that cable TV watchers tend to buy more goods and services than non-cable TV subscribers. Thus, companies are clamoring to get their advertising pitch out to these viewers, hoping for the best. It's not just the Home Shop-ping Network that's doing well, but advertisers on all shows who are benefiting from this marketing boom. People that can afford cable television monthly rates are the ones who tend to consume more products anyway--and businesses know this.

We will introduce you to several opportunities in the expanding television market. But it will be important for you to understand what you're seeing on television. Watch the commercials on any network. See if there is any pattern, any trend to what's being sold-- and how. Take notes and see what you've learned from this viewing. Who are the ads directed at? Are they visual? Talky? Funny? Serious? What are the products being sold most often? Does it vary by time slot? You can make a reference chart for yourself as you digest and interpret this information.

Your understanding of what's going on can mean the difference between success--or not. Your ability to understand viewing patterns and what works for advertisers will help you establish yourself as someone with credentials to give advice on television advertising.

Television is a very innovative medium. Those in the industry are always on the watch for individuals who possess this trait of coming up with new ideas and concepts for those that push their wares on television. And all it takes is the time to watch your television--all channels, different times, different days (weekend vs. Weekday) and then analyzing your data to make inferences about what works well and what doesn't.

Here are some of the opportunities in this exciting medium. Good luck!


Your job now is to watch TV!
That's right--turn on the set and get to work! It's time to get your new business off the ground.

Starting with local companies may be a good way to begin your career in the television industry. More specifically, your first job will be to watch commercials. And, perhaps, listen to your local radio stations to monitor their advertising, too.

Begin by making a list. When you see or hear a commercial, write down the local company doing the advertising. Radio stations with commercials are easy to find. So are television stations. Concentrate on your local TV stations for now. That's where you'll find a lot of your local advertising going on. However, don't overlook some of the cable channels who may also introduce local advertising, especially during the day.

It will become clear early on that the local television advertising market will be dominated by just a few companies. List them.

Then begin to watch their commercials more carefully. What time of day are they running? How long are the ads? What age audience are they aiming at? Do you like the commercial? Are there any mistakes in it? Record all of this information.

Begin to draw up a large notebook of your impressions along with specific data about when the ad ran and for how long. Amazingly, local companies contract for a certain number of ads running for a certain length, at a particular time of day, yet they are unable to monitor whether the ad ran or not. You may also notice that the ads are time- sensitive, such as advertising a sale for a certain time period. If the ad is run after the sale is over, it's a waste of time and money for the company, yet they may never hear about it from anyone.

What if there was something wrong with the sound? Or the information, such as a wrong address typed on the screen? Any mistake will likely cost the advertiser and more then one or two errors will severely affect the company's credibility.

Advertising is not cheap, and if not done right, can cost a local business hundreds, even thousands of hard- earned dollars. Most companies can't afford that and no company wants to see any valuable marketing dollar thrown away. The whole purpose of advertising is to reach a specific market at a specific time with a specific message. Anything other than that is unacceptable.

Now, you've been at this for two or three weeks and have a pretty full log built up. You've noted the several businesses you've specifically monitored, and made notes as to any errors, patterns and potential results you think the local business will realize. Now what do you do with it?

It's very simple! You're going to call the companies for whom you've been tracking this information. If the business is small enough, you'll probably want to contact the owner. For larger firms, ask for the person in charge of advertising. When you reach your contact, identify yourself as the owner of a local advertising monitoring service and you'd like to share some information concerning a recent set of ads the company ran.

Then recite any errors, mistakes, mis-broadcasts, viewing problems and give the exact dates and times for any of the above. Not every company will give you an open reception, but some are going to be impressed with the quality and accuracy of your information. It will also mean bottom-line revenue for the company, since a station will refund some or all of the advertising money spent because the advertisements did not run as planned or promised.

This will enable you to pointedly demonstrate what your service can mean, in actual dollars, to the company. You are important because very often the television station doesn't realize anything is wrong, either. The stations need the advertising revenue so they aren't intentionally fouling anything up. But because mistakes are frequently made, and because more and more newer stations are out seeking advertising revenue, you can carve a nice niche out for yourself simply monitoring commercials in between your favorite shows.

You never thought watching the commercials could be so rewarding, did you?

Once you've passed this information along, offer them a formal, written report that you'd like to hand-deliver to the company contact. Point out that this service is available to the local business to specifically track their advertising results in terms of actual broadcast.

A written report is very professional and may give the impression that you've been doing this for a number of years. They may also be more inclined to try you out for a couple of months to see if your service continues to help them. It will certainly give them much more information than they currently have.

You can decide how to charge them, by hour or on a monthly fee basis. Don't set your price too high. Your ultimate goal is to obtain several clients for whom you can track advertising, since you can watch the same amount of television and record for a number of area businesses.

Don't limit yourself to only area businesses, either. State-wide or national firms have even less ability to monitor local broadcasts, so they could be a large source of monthly fee revenue for you, too. Your list of prospects to contact about your monitoring service is growing rapidly, isn't it?

It will be important to you, after contracting a client, to know when their advertising is supposed to be broadcast. When you started, your viewing was pot-luck, but now that you have a client or more, you need to be able to specifically monitor the showing and not leave your seeing it up to blind luck. Get all the details to allow you to monitor properly such as length of advertisement, number of times it is supposed to be shown, time frames it's supposed to run, that type of specific detail. Without this information, you can't do a proper job of determining if things are going according to the company's contract with the television station. A copy of that contract itself would be ideal.

Once you have this information, you can record it in your log book and stand watch. This will give you the comparison information you need to do your work. The company will no doubt feel that your nominal charge for this service is well worth it.

As you increase confidence in your ability to do this work, you can try for even larger accounts. While nationwide advertisers often have an ad agency that does tracking for them, it is quite often limited to big cities. No one is likely keeping track of small town broadcasts yet these can be of importance to the company advertising. Several large firms sell many of their products to the small-town customers and your monitoring service can tell them if they are reaching people in your area.

The longer you work in this service, the more successful you'll be. As time goes on, obtain client referral letters and testimonials from your existing customers. This will come in handy when you begin pursuing the larger companies who advertise in every state and who are more likely to pay fees to a monitoring service to be sure they are getting the most for their money.

Companies can spend a large portion of their marketing budget on advertising. Your service is designed to advise them if they are getting the bang for their buck!


O.K. Now you're into commercials! It's time to expand this watching television business of yours!

All of the products you see advertised had some planning and objectives behind them, whether the company be large or small. Some of the companies may have started small and, through a clever advertising route, expanded their products and services dramatically.

You can now expand your ability to assist companies with their advertising because you've been tracking what works and what doesn't on your television set. You must adjust your sights somewhat to the beginning process of marketing a product. You've watched some of the end result on TV, but these products find a market through the visual medium by purposeful design.

Your job under this portion of your at-home business is to identify potentially good company ideas for products and demonstrate how a good television ad can help them realize sales they previously would not have believed possible.

Start with the companies you are monitoring advertising for and expand from there. For your current customers, ask them about new products in the developmental stages. Since your customers are already doing television advertising, you won't have to convince them of the benefits of pursuing this media outlet for sales results. You might wish to read and study a few books about television advertising in preparation for this phase of your business. Get familiar with all of the quirks of this business.

However, your best learning tool is to watch advertisements that you know are successful. Why? Try and determine if they've hit on a formula for success. Compare successful ad campaigns and look for a unifying theme-- audience, message, comedy, visual, talky, what? What makes these campaigns successful and others--who have perfectly good products to sell--not?

Not all of this will have a logical answer. People often buy on emotional impulse, not practical reasoning, and this sometimes defies answers. Who would have predicted the success of Mutant Ninja Turtles?

It may be a friend who has come up with a great product or a small business with little or no capital for an advertising budget. Should this discourage you? Absolutely not! In almost any media today, space trading is commonplace. Hotels trade rooms for advertising time. Retail stores may give gift certificates to a station in exchange for running a couple of ads. It happens all the time.

If you have found a product that could be the next big fad, you can very likely trade advertising time for a couple of these products gratis to station executives. What you should do is call the local stations and ask about their trading policy. Find out the specifics. Then, when you're approaching companies about helping to promote their products on TV, you'll know what you can and can't do based on the company's budget.

Tradeouts aren't going to put you ahead of the game. You'll trade out more product than you'll receive advertising time in return. But that's a small price to pay if the product needs exposure and your company's budget is limited. It's not completely unfair . TV stations know that you have a wholesale price for the product and that's likely to be closer to the value of advertising time you receive in return.

Stations know if the product does well, you'll be advertising your future business there. And why not? The station was willing to try the product and take it in exchange for ad time. They should receive your future business. You also start to build up relationships with client stations. This will be very important in your future business efforts.

Now, how will you get paid in all of this? You've identified the product, contacted the station, made the trade deal. So the station is going to get some needed advertising to get the work out about the product. What about you?

Depending on the size of the business you're doing this work for, you may want to get in on the ground floor of potential profits. If it's a friend, you can help form the company and be a partner in it. If it's a small business, you should consider working out a percentage of sales profits deal. If the product does well, under either scenario, your potential payday is incredible.

Look at the two individuals who put together "Trivial Pursuit". That involved coming up with some challenging trivia questions. Production costs were very low. But it caught on big with the general public and a small fortune was earned on that one idea. The next "Trivial Pursuit" or "Mutant Ninja Turtles" is out there waiting to happen. You could be on to something big.

How do you construct a marketing campaign for this product? This will vary, but the following suggestions will help you lay the groundwork for what you and your partner/client wish to accomplish.

First, get some samples of the product and head down to your local shopping mall and try it out on a few passers-by. You could go to any area where people are gathered in a large number to do this. Prepare a questionnaire and then hand out the sample. Identify it, if necessary and ask if the person has a few moments to answer some quick questions. Once done, the product is his or hers to keep.

What you really want to know is whether the people knew what the product was, whether they liked it, if they would buy it, if the price you've established initially is fair or not, whether they'd buy it as a gift or promotion, and whether they'd tell friends about it and if so, what would they say.

This is going to give you a lot of useful information, especially if you are working with a number of samples. Try and get different age groups involved, using more the age group that you've targeted in your mind for this product. This kind of feedback should be invaluable in knowing whether you're ready to go and whether the price you've set is fair and reasonable. In addition, hearing what people said about the product and how they'd tell friends about it will help you script a television advertisement. If it's appropriate as a gift and many indicate they would consider it when shopping for gifts, that can be another theme for your TV ads, especially around a specific holiday.

Handle the questionnaire yourself. It will help you if you get direct feedback. If you're uncomfortable doing this, it's O.K. to get some help, but try to be there yourself so you can gauge consumer reaction. There is no substitute for real-world testing.

You should certainly have a contract between you and your client at this point. You're starting to put a lot of time in and there needs to be an ironclad guarantee that if the product takes off, so will your income in terms of a share of the profits. Standard contracts can usually be found at the library or at large office supply retail outlets and these can be used to spell out your arrangement between the two of you.

This feedback has given you the basis for a television and/or radio script, which can now be written once you and your partner have evaluated the information. It may require some product modification, but better to find that out early before too many are made. The script will be based on what people liked the best about the product. Emphasize it! Their reactions will likely be no different than those that will be on the listening end of your advertisement. Don't worry if you've never written one before. You've now heard hundreds of them on television through your monitoring service. The script will practically write itself.

People buy for hundreds of different reasons and not all of them will make sense to you. So, don't discard people's reactions or comments to your product because you think they're "dumb" or "hokey". Just because you wouldn't respond to a product that way doesn't mean the rest of America won't. Keep an open mind.

There are thousands of manufacturers who are potential clients for you. And, as you'll soon realize, having a piece of the action by making a percentage of the profits deal is a fast way to potentially make a fortune in earnings. Put together a few of these deals and you'll wonder why you didn't get into business for yourself first. And this all started because you began watching commercials on TV!

You are probably familiar with the Nielson ratings. Every major broadcast company prepares for the "sweeps", that time of year when the Nielson watchers are glued to their television sets. It's these watching results which dictates advertising rates and revenue for the following period. The more viewed the show, the higher the station can charge and advertiser to run a commercial.

So many careers hang in the balance as a result of the Nielson ratings. Shows are kept or canceled as a result of who's watching, the only measurement of which are these ratings. The Nielson company only uses about 2,000 homes in the country to monitor their ratings, a small but apparently statistically valid sample.

This is not much different than the theory behind Gallup polls and other such surveys taken. Once a certain number of people are polled, statistically the results are close to representative for the entire country.

About 90 million households have television sets. If a Nielson rating of 20 appears next to a program's name, that means approximately 20% of the nation's households have tuned into this show, or 18 million homes. This will dictate the amount a station can charge for revenue, based on the number of people expected to tune into the show.

Nielsen uses little black boxes that can go on every set in the house (and VCR, too). Information is recorded regularly about what you're watching. The homes are also designated by type with all of your basic census information like age, gender, income, occupation and the like being used to identify a composite viewer of a program. This also helps an advertiser target a particular show if the people watching are the target audience for the specific product to be marketed. All of this information is calculated and published for all to see.

Nielsen chooses the homes to participate by random and automatically eliminates anyone who wants to volunteer. Most of the larger metropolitan areas are selected for these tests and your chances of participating are very low. You might have better odds of hitting your state lottery!

Since large corporations spend millions each year on television advertising, it stands to reason they'd like to be well-informed as to who is viewing particular shows and at what time of day. They've likely identified a target audience and would very much like the extra input as to the specifics about how best to reach that target group through the television set.

Another major rating service is Arbitron, who does much the same thing and uses the approximately 2,000 sampling figure that Nielson does, although different households, of course. They also compile data that is used to set advertising rates for television.

Ratings research, based on this background information, is definitely a market that is open to opportunity. Only 4,000 homes in the country are being utilized for this critical research, most of those in large population centers. What about the small-town buyer? What about all of the other TV viewers whose program choice goes unrecorded and remains unknown to the companies trying to position themselves to market a product?

Local business people would love to identify a target audience. They don't advertise nationally. They can't afford to have their product shown on "hime Improvement" or the "Super Bowl". But they're going to advertise and the more they know about their viewing audience, the more likely they will select the right combination to maximize their television advertising dollar.

You don't need to put a black box in 2,000 homes to handle this assignment. All you need to do is develop a proper survey and start calling up people to participate in your local survey. You can identify potential watchers who would write down their viewing choices every day for two to three weeks and you've got the opportunity to compile the data listing more valuable than anything else locally; in the TV market. You'll have information even that stations probably won't have.

The first thing to do is construct your survey form. Here are some of the items you should include:
First, get an overall perspective of the individual who will do the survey for you.

Data you need is: -Name, address, phone number; -Number of people in household with names and ages; -Occupation and approximate income level for entire household; -Number of television sets, VCRs and radios.

The next step is to have your ratings from in which the members of the household record their viewing and listening choices for the next month. Four weeks should give you a great idea of what this household's radio, TV and VCR habits are. Every member of the house should record their choices by day, listing the show and the approximate viewing time.

Next, they should answer information about their commercial watching habits, including the ones they recall the best, the ones they think were terrible and why, the last three commercials they remember, or, of course, whether they bother to watch the commercial at all.

Finally have them list their favorite show, least favorite, favorite commercial and least favorite choice. You now have enough information to compile your study.

The difficult part of this will be getting enough individuals to cooperate and accurately do the study. But your circle of people and your friends' circle and your family's circle can all start to add up. Ask the people you personally do business with to help participate. Canvass your area well and you will find 100 or so people to do the survey. Set up a database on your computer or compile the statistics by hand (obviously a much slower process). You should have a viewing pattern which will be valuable information for many people.

Now, it's these people you need to contact to buy your survey results. Do a flyer that indicates the basis for the study and the type of results that were achieved. You can price your report for $40-75, depending on your area. Many businesses and every television and radio station should be interested. If you picked up 30 clients at $40 each, that's $1,200/month just to compile ratings surveys. That's probably a conservative estimate as to the number of clients you should obtain with this data.

Continue to update your viewers and maybe pay them $5-10 per month once you start to get this rolling. Their input is what makes this monthly survey form valuable. You will have to arrange to collect the surveys, probably using a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy for them. Since you will know some of the people, you can make other arrangements.

While prime time hours (8:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.) Are the shows national companies will be interested most in, the other times are less expensive for advertisers and more open to local businesses. They will be interested in who's watching what at ten in the morning and four in the afternoon rather than strictly prime time news, so all of your data is significant.

This is an easy and quick way to make a lot of money watching television. You can then use this information and your expert advice as an advertising monitor to assist companies with their ad campaigns centered on the time slots most favorable to their products.


One way to use the information you've already obtained is by referring businesses to video production companies to film the advertisements. Many video production groups need the business and appreciate the referral and will pay a percentage of the filming fee to you for bringing the business their way.

Many video companies do not have a staff salesperson and thus your ability to bring them clients is a needed plus. In addition, they don't have to pay you anything unless you bring a client and they avoid paying all the employee benefits costs such as FICA, unemployment taxes, workers' compensation premium and similar expenditures. You're a bargain at the price.

Some of the companies you work with may have a need for video production to satisfy needs other than just advertising such as training tapes or new product tapes for salespeople. These are almost like infomercials describing the product and how the management team thinks it should be sold. Sales people find these tapes to be of tremendous benefit in planning their own sales campaign.

Again, you can work out a fee arrangement with the video production group. All you're doing is maximizing the potential media dollar value of any one client. Even if you only refer a few businesses, the money adds up especially in addition to all of the other income sources you now have coming in.

Check the yellow pages for the video production companies in your area and contact them. Even if someone else already has this idea, the production company would rather have a multiple number of people on the lookout for new business for them. Make your arrangements in advance and then start thinking about the clients you could assist by introducing them to the production companies you decide to work with. Companies will begin to see you as an all- purpose individual who can work on virtually every aspect of their video and radio advertising. That's exactly the position you want to be in. The more versatile and knowledgeable you are, the more valuable you are as a resource for these businesses. And, better yet, you are your own boss!


As mentioned earlier, cable television provides you with numerous more out last than you've ever had to explore advertising options for your client businesses. A little more homework is in order here.

Contact the major cable networks (listing to follow) and find out what their advertising rates and guidelines are; information you can eventually pass on to the client. In addition, get the name of the advertising contact person for yourself.

Then, when you are watching these channels, you can record the same advertising information you were noting earlier for your businesses. Now, in addition to reporting to local businesses, you can offer the information to the cable channel as well. They may well consider hiring you to monitor their advertising in your region.

There's no real cost to you. This is information that you are compiling for busi----nesses anyway. There's no trouble to have additional logs in which you record the information about their advertising record. Not every cable channel will play, buy a few may buy into the advertising program you're doing along with the monthly ratings report for your area. You won't know unless you ask!

You have enough information to get yourself started. The following listings will give you the contacts at the major stations you will need for part of your start-up. Good luck and good watching!



77 W. 66th Street
New York, NY 10023
(212) 456-7777

51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 975-5633

30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4444

PO Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
(310) 277-2211


American Movie Classics
100 Crossway Park West
Woodbury, NY 11797
(516) 365-2222 Arts & Entertainment
235 E 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 661-4500

Black Entertainment Television
1232 31st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 636-2400

220 Fletcher Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
(201) 585-2622

CNN (Cable News)
Turner Broadcasting
1 CNN Center
Box 105336
Atlanta, GA 30348
(404) 827-1700

Comedy Central
1775 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
(212) 767-8600

The Discovery Channel
7700 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 986-1999 ESPN
ESPN Plaza
935 Middle Street
Bristol, CT 06010
(203) 585-2000

The Family Channel
P.O. Box 64549
Virginia Beach, VA 23467
(804) 523-7301

The Learning Channel
770 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 986-1999

Lifetime Channel
309 W. 49th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 424-7000

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 258-8000

Nashville Network
2806 Opryland Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 883-7000

1000 Universal Studio Plaza
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 827-1700

1050 Techwood Avenue NW
Box 105264
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 423-5200

One CNN Center
Box 105366
Atlanta, GA 30348
(404) 827-1700

USA Network
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
(212) 408-9100

VH-1 Video Hits
1515 Broadway
New York, NJ 10036
(212) 258-8000

Number 9:

Get Paid To Blog

The money making potential of blogging is very high, and the methods are free, but it can take some time to truly master the techniques of blogging.

Here are three ebooks and video series which will teach you about blogging. These are pretty in-depth so we recommend viewing them when you have the time. When extracted, the ebooks are in PDF format. You may even print them and read them offline. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files you can get it here.

Blog and Ping Guide (Recommended)

Blogging for Cash

Blog in A Box

Below you will find a complete video series explaining blogging as well as a number of other marketing methods.

Blogging Video Course

Number 10:

Make Money on eBay/Wholesale Sources

An Introduction to eBay

Obviously you have heard of eBay before. You may even be an active buyer. Whatever you've heard about eBay and whether you like the company or not, it is by far the largest online marketplace. The reason we are talking about eBay and not the broader topic of online selling is because eBay has virtually no competition. With over 80 million users around the world, and the 7th most visited site on the web, there is nowhere else that even comes close to the money making potential
of eBay.

There are other auction listings such as Yahoo! Auctions, Stormpay, uBid and more, but none of them have near the variety or the number of users eBay does. Obviously there are both advantages and disadvantages to this. The most notable being that you have a large selection of buyers but there is also more competition as there are also a substantial number of sellers. How then do you come out on top and make a fortune on eBay? How do you become an eBay power seller and earn in excess of $10,000 every single month? We aren't going to lie. It won't be easy. But as with any good opportunity, it will take time and hard work. You're not
going to get there overnight, but you can make a decent income in the meantime.

Sourcing Products

Some of you may be enticed by the idea of reselling (on eBay or elsewhere) but are discouraged by the idea of ordering items wholesale then shipping them out each day. Well in today's world, you no longer have to do all of that work yourself. There are companies who will accept orders from you, but instead of shipping them to you, will ship them directly to the customer with YOUR business information on the package. These are called drop shippers.

The beauty of drop shipping is that you can sell on eBay or any other website and never have to store or ship any actual inventory. These companies may or may not charge a very minor fee for this service. Sounds interesting? Well be sure to check around our database for these companies.

Select the categories you are interested in below:

Arts & Collectibles
Books & Magazines
Business & Industrial
Jewelry & Watches
Movies & Music
Shoes & Fashion

e sure to check out this great alternative Wholesale Source!
(Right Click, Save Target As)

Here are some very useful eBay and wholesale ebooks available for download.

Top 10 eBay Selling Secrets

eBay Marketing Secrets

Wholesale Sources
650 Auction Templates
eBay Entrepreneur Kit
UK Wholesalers

Creating your own store on eBay

The easiest and most lucrative way to sell items on eBay is to work through both wholesalers and regular retail clients like your next door neighbor. You essentially purchase items at the wholesale price. This allows you to sell the items to other wholesalers and also typical eBay customers like your neighbor.

eBay makes it easy for you to set up shop. The user interface is simple to use and has a significant amount of features to help you improve sales.

Following are the tasks you need to complete to secure your storefront on eBay:
1. Begin by opening your browser and going to

2. Click on “Open Store Now”

3. eBay will ask you a series of questions regarding your eBay storefront. For example, they will request your credit card number, checking account number, and your method of fee payment on their system.

4. There are different features levels you choose from. Determine which level you prefer to complete the account registration.

5. You will be assigned a domain name that is along the lines of

6. Take time to check out the design and selling features of your eBay website.

7. Go to “My eBay” and select “Sell”. eBay provides an easy tutorial to demonstrate how to sell your products through their system.

There are tons of great seller templates to choose from. Plus, check out the Turbo Lister tool. The Turbo Lister enables you to automatically re-list your eBook continuously.

Make sure to create an Autoresponder email address so you can follow up on any orders of your products and/or send a link to download your eBook. You can also offer the option of downloading your eBook through a link that you create on your website. You can instruct Paypal to send people to this download link once they have completed payment. Don’t forget to place your killer sales letter in all your listings.

8. Start making money on eBay!

Need more information regarding wholesalers?

There is a great deal of information regarding wholesalers on the Internet. Following is a list of resources you can use to learn more about wholesalers.

1. Export 911 – Useful listing of terms used in the Importing/Exporting business.

2. Uline – A great resource for shipping supplies at a discount.

3. Local Profit – A search engine that is based around wholesale.

4. eBay Discussion Boards – Learn everything you need to know about eBay and wholesalers here.

Drop Shipping Services

Drop Shipping is when you sell products through the Internet and the orders are sent through a drop ship supplier who sends the product directly to the buyer. Basically, the drop ship supplier ships the items directly to the buyer so you don't have to worry about warehousing products. The drop ship supplier will charge a fee, but you can make that difference up in your selling price. This can be a lucrative business because there is ZERO overhead expenses and absolutely no risk of having products that don't sell. If something isn't selling for you, just drop it and sell something else. We state whether or not a wholesaler in our database provides drop shipping services.

SCAM ALERT! What scams are out there?

As with any business venture you always have the possibility of being scammed. Let’s look at different scams that occur on eBay and how you can avoid them.

Scam #1: Avoid Western Union at all costs! Never buy any items with an individual or company that wants to use Western Union for your payment. Plus, Western Union is not responsible in the event that you do not receive the items you purchased.

One Western Union scam involves the seller’s request that you pay via Western Union and send the payment to one of your relative’s names. The caveat is that you have to send it to the seller’s address plus you have to provide the control number. This control number is used so that the seller can verify your payment at Western Union. Then the seller will ask you to change the name on the Western Union payment to the seller’s name once you have received your items. This way the seller will then be paid.

Here’s the problem – Western Union agents in foreign countries don’t ask for identification. If the seller is informed of the control number and address you have for the payment then he can snag your money. He can do this without ever sending you your shipment.

Scam #2: Another Western Union scam situation would be if the seller requested that you pay by Western Union using Western Union’s “secret question”. The “secret question” is a question that a Western Union agent will ask the person that requests the money, in this case the seller.

Here’s the problem – Western Union agents tend to be lazy about the “secret question” and may not even ask it! If they see that the seller has the control number or address then they give him the money, no questions asked. Check out Western Union’s website and you will observe that they don’t recommend using their “secret question” feature if you don’t know the seller personally.

Scam #3: Another major type of scam involves doing business through a disreputable Escrow service. These dishonest Escrow services are out there in droves. Therefore, you should ONLY use eBay has determine that this Escrow services is legitimate and they recommend them. A wonderful benefit is that services nearly every country in the entire world, except for Romania and Indonesia. They don’t service those two countries because of the intense amount of fraud there.

How does work? In a nutshell, has the buyer and seller make an agreement on terms. The buyer submits the funds through upon which informs the seller. The seller ships the items and the buyer notifies after they have received the shipment. The seller is then paid through

You might think that the buyer could keep the items and not release payment, but this won’t happen. has installed safe guards for both the buyer and seller. If the buyer says that they haven’t received shipment (even if they might have) then the seller can find the shipment with a tracking number and shipping documentation confirming that it was in fact sent and received. could use this information to release payment to the seller.

One specific type of Escrow scam involves the seller requesting to work through a different Escrow company then The seller will explain that Escrow Company XYZ is the only one they can rely on and do business with. The website for this Escrow Company may appear to be legitimate when in fact it has been created by the seller! Remember, making a professional looking website is fairly easy. If the buyer were to send their money to this fake Escrow website it would go right into the hands of the seller.

Scam #4: Another Escrow scam involves the seller informing the buyer that they can do business through is a respectable business, but it is NOT an Escrow service. does not offer services where they can accept deals and hold funds for interested parties. is used to resolve disputes. That is the main reason why any eBay seller would have the logo on their profile. Some scammers will take it a step further and even send you a fake email that appears to be sent directly for when it has not.

Scam #5: Another Escrow scam involves a shipping service called “TNT”. The seller will explain that the buyer needs to send their money to TNT and TNT will keep the payment until after they have shipped the seller’s goods to the buyer. This is scam because TNT is NOT an escrow service. They will not collect funds and they don’t inspect shipments. Scammer’s can also create a fake email that looks like it is sent to you from TNT when it is not.

Tips to keep you safe when dealing with wholesale

We have discussed scams to avoid, now let’s switch gears and talk about things that you should do when you deal with wholesale. Following are nine tips to help you out.

Tip #1: Pay a seller through because it provides safe guards for both buyer and seller.

Tip #2: Pay a seller through credit cards because most credit card companies will reimburse you if you encounter fraud.

Tip #3: Pay a seller using because you can use your credit card. Paypal checks out the seller’s personal and banking information to verify that is correct. Make sure that the seller is Paypal “verified”. I recommend that you use Paypal for payments that are $2,000 or less.

Tip #4: Pay a seller using a Letter of Credit. A Letter of Credit allows you to use your bank as an Escrow service. Apply for a Letter of Credit at your bank for the exact amount of money that you need to pay the seller. The bank then communicates with the seller’s bank to ensure that the seller has legitimate bank account information. Use a “Standby” Letter of Credit.

Tip #5: Pay a seller using Cash on Delivery. You will pay the shipping company directly once the items have been shipped to you. If you don’t pay the shipping company when the shipment arrives then they will not let you keep the items.

Tip #6: A seller may request advance payment via a telegraphic transfer (otherwise known as a Bank Wire). Be cautious about this method of business. While some legitimate international businesses may operate this way, other disreputable businesses do as well. Therefore, it is difficult to weed out the honest businesses from the dishonest businesses.

If you do decide to engage in a telegraphic transfer if it imperative that you obtain the following information regarding the seller:

• Full name
• Address
• Telephone number
• Company name
• Business license number
• Bank name and telephone number
• A copy of their ID card or driver’s license that is either scanned or faxed to you.
• References
• An additional option is to run a background check through
• Another option is to also enlist the help of a buyer’s agent in the seller’s country. The buyer’s agent can buy the items for you at the seller’s actual place of business. You can locate a buyer’s agent by searching on a major search engine such as Google.

Tip #7: Verify your own business to promote your legitimacy. Following is a list of places you can receive verification.

PayPal – Establish a PayPal account and become verified. It is good idea to become a verified premier member. To achieve this status you will need to let Paypal verify your address and identification. They will then send two small transactions to your credit card or bank account. If you can tell them what the amounts were that they charged then they have verified your identity.

Dun & Bradstreet – Apply for a type of account termed “credit builder”. They will verify your company information and ascertain if you have any debts or lines of credit.

Better Business Bureau Online – The Better Business Bureau has existed for years and is trusted by most people. Apply to become a member of this organization.

Alibaba – Become verified by obtaining an Alibaba Trustpass Membership.

Tip #8: Verify the seller’s website. You can check the name and address of a website owner by running a “whois” check. You can do this quickly by heading to Better Whois and entering in the domain name you want to lookup.

Note of Caution: Be especially weary of a domain that doesn’t have a name or address or a domain that is very new.

Tip #9: Set up an account on which enables you to find the out where your seller’s emails originated. To do this you would add the following onto the end of the email address:

For example, if you were going to send an email to you would type instead. When the owner of this email opened the message you would then be sent information regarding their location. The seller would not be able to see the part of the email address. Therefore, if the location of the email doesn’t match the seller then avoid doing business with them as they may be fraudulent. You can purchase this service for $3.99 per month or $24 per year.

Selling on eBay is profitable, but follow eBay policies…
eBay can be very unyielding regarding their policies. For example, they are on the look out when it comes to promoting and cross-promoting items. The big rule is that your can NOT put your personal or company website address in your eBay advertisement. You can NOT post any affiliate links or advertisements as well. If you were allowed to do such a thing then eBay may lose visitors.

There is a way around this eBay rule. You can purchase a domain name and web hosting account. Create a free email address with this account. You are allowed to place the email on the posting. Therefore, many visitors will see your external website because it is in your email address. They may then just go right to your website.

Working with Buyer and Seller Communities
Buyer and seller communities are places where buyers and sellers do business. One example is eBay. However, you can also seek suppliers to purchase items from on different websites. You can then take these same items and sell them to another buyer on the very same website. You can do this and even up the price so you make a profit. This method of business is ideal because you don’t have to deal with receiving and shipping the physical inventory.

Following is a list of recommended buyer and seller communities: – This is the top place for wholesale buyers and sellers to interact. This community has high traffic, in the hundreds of thousands, and new leads are posted daily. Check up on this website every single day to maximize profits.

Exporters Singapore – This is a great place to connect with wholesale buyers and sellers. Plus, members must pay a fee after the thirty day trial so most dishonest businesses don’t participate.

Power Source Online – This community deals with computer parts trading for brokers, dealers, and service companies. If you are searching for inexpensive computer parts and components to resell then this is the spot.


EC 21

EC Plaza

Global Sources

Trade India



You now know enough to get you started making a living off eBay…
Just get in there and try it. You'll make mistakes, just chalk it up as a lesson learned and do better the next time. You could make a good living just from this page right here.


Congratulate yourself for reading this material. If you utilize the methods and products I outlined you will be well on your way to financial freedom. The great thing about doing business online is that your supply is infinite and you don’t have to deal with physical items. Your customers will receive your products immediately by downloading them off your website. If you set yourself up with several websites you will improve your odds of financial success immensely.

Get started today so you can sit back and watch the cash roll in!

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