Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Creating Success - Having a Positive Attitude at Work & Home

Are you ready to create success by having a positive attitude at work & home? Sometimes this is easier said than done.

Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, said "Your life is a mirror of the dominate thoughts you think." Whatever you think about, you're going to bring into existence. Have you ever known people that were apart of the "Ain't It Awful Club?" These are people who complain a lot and focus on all the negative things in the world. Did you enjoy being around them all the time? Probably not.

A negative attitude will make you and everyone around you miserable.

A positive attitude, on the other hand, turns you into a person that everyone wants to be around; a person that constantly experiences great things, and a person who loves their life. Do you want to be that kind of person? If so, read on to learn how to have a positive attitude at work & home.

1) Do something that you love. Very few people are doing what they really want to do. Life can and will be a wonderful and exciting trip if you are doing something that you are truly passionate about. When you do something you love, it never feels like work.

Are you spending most of your time on something that makes you feel purposeful and content? In The Science of Getting Rich (SGR Program), Bob Proctor said that you should go to work for satisfaction - to fill fulfilled. When you regularly do things that make you happy, you can't help but feel better about yourself and your life, which fosters a positive attitude.

2) Look for the good in every situation. Our brains are naturally more inclined to focus on negative events; however, we all need to make a conscious decision to expect the best, even if our first impulse is to think negatively. Jack Canfield (1 of the speakers in The SGR Program), said we should always "look for the good in every event". He said, we should affirm, "The world is plotting to do me good today." The more you do it, the more you'll begin to believe it, and the more you'll begin to experience just that. Send a text message or email to your friends every day reminding them to expect the best & look for the good in every situation.

3) Think and Speak Positively about Yourself. Most of us are in the habit of talking down to ourselves, which leaves us feeling frustrated and pessimistic. Start building yourself up with positive self-talk and positive thoughts.

One way to do this is to write down all of your accomplishments. Give yourself some credit for all of the successes you've had in your life (like making the football team, graduating from high school or college, having children, raising your children, purchasing a home, putting a smile on someone else's face, helping out a friend in need, etc). Everyone has more successes in their lives than failures, but our brains naturally focus on the failures. So, build yourself up right now by acknowledging all of your successes in life (no matter how big or how small).

4) Think & Speak Positively about Others. I love this quote by Bob Proctor - "Say good things to everyone. Treat everyone with total respect, and it will all come back. Never worry about what you are going to get. Just concentrate on what you can give." This goes for people you know as well as strangers you meet in your daily travels. The more you focus on emphasizing the positive and the good in others, the more likable you're going to be, and the better you're going to feel about yourself.

5) Think strength. Don't focus on your weaknesses or previous failures. Instead, consistently think about your strengths, talents and capabilities. You'll end up feeling empowered and in control of your circumstances, which will improve your attitude.

As you do these 5 steps, you'll see the power of changing your thoughts and having a positive attitude at work & home. You will see a change in your life. You will begin to create success, abundance, and happiness.

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