Saturday, 21 November 2009

Work Home Employment - Do Data Entry From Home and Earn Money in Loads!

How many times have you heard of Data Entry being a legit job opportunity? It is, and in the past some years, a lot of people have made quite a bit of money from this opportunity. This is one of the opportunities by which people could make the best use of employment from home. And much to your delight, expect this job to be really simple; one that will not look too much into how adept you are technically.

Data entry is indeed one of the opportunities that provide options for people when you refer to employment from home. Being one, it encompasses anything to do with typing. It could be typing forms, letters, pages; basically anything that could be typed. You do Data Entry and earn money for how much you type.

Most companies pay you by the number of forms or pages you type. The average compensation per form ranges from $2-$5, and it would take you 10 minutes or so to type a form. Extrapolate that to 6 working hours in a day, and you are looking at an average earning of about $120 daily. Put that over 22 working days in a month, and you are looking at a monthly salary of $2,500!

That is a good deal considering two major positives - 1) You do not have to leave your home, and 2) You save a lot on gasoline expenses. Bottom-line, this is an opportunity that is a win-win deal! The thing to remember is that owning your own business and running it from the comfort of your own home is fun!

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